bltx1Last February 2, 2015, marked the first ever BLTX Event here in Davao. Unbeknownst to many, BLTX stands for Better Living Through Xeroxography wherein indie publishers display their zines (these are small circulation self-published magazines) and other printables that you won’t see on big bookstores. Apart from that, BLTX is a movement – one that raises awareness on the many plights of artists and publishers. After a series of events spanning for over a decade thankfully, it now arrived here in Davao as one of its many destination stops. It was held at Tekanplor Sales Bar on a rainy Monday (which miraculously cleared up by 8pm), I thought we would just be expecting a modest turn-out but I was wrong! Man, the place was packed from merch sellers, students, liturgy groups, art lovers, and local musicians. Of course it wouldn’t be BLTX without the founders gracing the event, Adam David and his better half Chingbee was there and even had a short talk about self-publishing together with Amy Cabusao of Mindanao Times and veteran artist, Tita Lacambra-Ayala. Some highlights of the event were from a handful of amazing poets and writers pouring their hearts out as they read aloud their inner thoughts that, and local musicians serenading happy people as they horde on zines, art prints, collectibles, etc.


I brought in my art zine, The Little Book of Love Quotes and other Gut-Wrenching Musings from the Gardener (quite a mouthful huh?! hehehe), Femelle Illustrations of the Female Form art zine, my valentines postcards, and some products from The Secret Garden as well as fellow artists Hoowan’s Hainaku and Juliana’s watercolor postcard prints. I swear I was glued to that booth from 8pm til 11pm accepting purchases from frantic people hopping from one booth to the other. It was great though my only regret was that I wasn’t able to go around the place to see and buy other seller’s goods but nonetheless, I know that this was just the beginning of more events like BTLX thanks to Angely Chi, the organizers, and partner sponsors.


Yep! That DIY Poster at the entrance says it all! If you want to get your hands on some of the papergoods, browse my catalog and contact me for your orders.


Photo Credit: Angely Chi, Pam Chua, Adam David, and Pulong Org 


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